Don't Lose It

by Ethan Ballinger

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released May 4, 2012

Written, produced, performed, recorded, and mixed by Ethan Ballinger; with Lee Holland on drums & percussion, and Megan McCormick on background vocals (“I Want You Around”)

Recorded at 1710 19th Ave South Nashville, TN; 228 Ferguson St., and 287 E. 8th St. Cookeville, TN

Mastered by Eric Conn at Independent Mastering, Nashville, TN

Creative design by The Funky Umbrella


all rights reserved



Ethan Ballinger Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville based noise maker

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Track Name: Time Took Away
Breathing underwater
This won’t last much longer

Wilted flowers hang low
In the shadow from your halo

Baby stay forever
Let me drink from your river

I’ll keep playing for you
On this sinking ship in the ocean blue
Then may you rise above
Time took away our love
Track Name: What You Done To Me
I bet you don’t even know how it feels
I bet you don’t even know how it feels

What you done to me
What you done to me

I don’t know where you are
I don’t know who you are
Track Name: Hater
I’ll take you by the hand and I will show you
A place where we can lay under the full moon
Distant skies we can lie to
Nobody knows nobody knew

A fractured soul can still limp forward
An empty heart can still be filled up I’m sure
So much has changed since I met you
The walls are closing in but I can see through

I don’t know what I’m talking about
Oh Elizabeth I want to hold you

You’re gonna hate me when it’s over
Someday I’ll just be your ex lover
But we could make the best of it
She changed my life but did she change me

I don’t really know what I’m talking about
Oh Elizabeth I want to hold you now
Track Name: Meaningless
Dead brain cells
Silent bells
Empty hotels

Is this meaningless
Filled with emptiness
I wasn’t built for this

We are a storm that will pass
Hijacked planes will crash
Cover us all in ash
I will
Track Name: Are You Evil
I’m a baby who needs his bottle
I’m the old man you find so dreadful
What are you tryin to do
Are you goin away, have you been untrue

I’m runnin again, runnin again
And I won’t come back to you baby
I’m runnin again, runnin again
I thought I knew you, are you evil

It ain’t fair who leaves first in the night
I can’t keep you but I got no fight
What am I trying to do
I gotta get away, this heart can’t feel for two

I’m runnin again, runnin again
From the one that I called home
Runnin again, runnin again
She cried to me softly are you evil

Runnin again, runnin again
And I won’t come back to you baby
Runnin again, runnin again
I don’t know you, are you evil

I’m runnin again, runnin again
Where no angels will cry about me
Runnin again, runnin again
Devils smirk while I’m up in flames

I’m sorry
Track Name: Broken Floor (We're Over)
I run downstairs to meet you in the middle of the broken floor
Hold on to me don’t look back we’ll slide on down to the other side
Smile at the faces changing nothing matters drown immediate
Bathed at night by christmas lights now open your eyes wide we’re over

Float under the bed you hear them crying and laughing at monsters we know now
As they fall asleep you pull me up into the clouds to breath the rain
Rainbows underneath frown down on the world we never understood til now
May we never know forever God’s the river leaking through the sun

I wanted an excuse
Track Name: I Want You Around
My head’s up in outer space
You take me to that other place
I didn’t think I was ready for this
But you found me I don’t know what I missed

My head’s just been spinnin
I can’t wrap it round what’s already been
You may have met me too late
Or maybe just in time, it’s fate

Who knows what will come of this
All I know is you showed me bliss
The future doesn’t have to affect right now
I don’t know how to love but you can show me how

I may not be able to show it to you
The way you want me to

But you know I want you around
You know I want you around
No matter what happens or how I act
I’m gonna prove to you that it’s a fact
That you know I want you around
You know that I want you around
I’ve never been so sure before
Now its something I can’t ignore

I never knew what I had until it was gone
Now I hardly know what I had all along
Your love is so simple it’s over my head
The world's fucked up til I’m in your bed

I’m sorry I’m distant sometimes
I’m just lucky to be alive
And I’m luckier to share it with you
Tell me I’m not gonna lose you too
Track Name: Aching King
Can I come over tonight
Lay my head down and hold you tight

I will be your aching king
I will give you everything

Never age or wither
Never say forever

Do I need you more than before
I don’t know what for

Come on baby now
Give me something to cry about
Track Name: Don't Lose It
Everybody’s always leaving
I need some clarity
Who can you trust anymore these days
The world is so full

Don’t lose it
Don’t lose it
Just don’t lose it
Don’t lose it

Maybe I’ll fall asleep and never wake up
I’m disconnecting
In the morning you’ll wake up and feel it all over again
We’ll just laugh forever
We’ll just laugh forever

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